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our Starship community

Ahoy Maties!!!

Looks as though we have all made the journey to our lovely new Starship home safely! I have put a variation of this message on the Chill Zone, in case there may be someone else who would want to join us. I am thinking of Pauline, who used to visit the Chill Zone quite often.  We do have to be careful with our new website addy, however, as we don't want any *bees* joining us. LOL!

UPDATE: We now have seven (7) new Starship members!

Let's all continue the Starship Chitty FANTASY!   Yes, There is Life on Mars, and it's better than ever!

Onwards and Upwards! Long may the Starship Reign!

Peace and Love,
1st Officer Joycey x

The Starship Chitty is fun and total...
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