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How to ...........

I know there are instructions in the faq's but I find them rather confusing so here's what I can make sense of and what we know already to do!!! on this page towards the end it'll give you an example it's just before the big black Using I copy this alter the size change the colour is easy you just pick from the list on this page copy the code and replace it with the one used in the example.
This is for using if posting or starting a topic it's the same method either way.

Pictures when topic posting Joycey you said you couldn't do this at the top of the box you type in you have insert image and embed media simply copy image from your url or from a file on your puter.
The same applies with embedding a video etc we can post videos from YouTube but it's only available when posting a topic not a simple post.

Images in posts Joycey mentioned that it's simply copying the http code and adding it to the post and we've tried it and it's fine!

If anyone can think of anything else let us know!!
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