laineys (laineys) wrote in on_mars,


Well now I've not been around the last couple of days and I'm sorry!!! Hope we're ok!Joycey!!!! You started you're scrubbing yet for Jason coming??? lol or are you off somewhere trying to get more tickets for POTO!?

Ro!!! Where are you hon we've not seen you all week??? Hope you're well and don't work too hard!!!

Sandra labrynthitis (sp) doesn't sound goot at all sound rather unpleasant you poor thing, don't let it get to you but don't over do it at the same time! Take it easy! If you need any help with your pic let me know!!!

Sylvie hope you're ok and you'll get used to this place it's not so bad after awhile!!

Ger well I'll chat to you later when you come back! lol!!! Good to have you here!

And last but not least Jena as Joycey told me you applied as a member! Come and chat soon! Hope you're well how was your New Years????
Catch you all soon! I hope!!!
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